Refusal to go to conferences

BROOKLYN, N.Y. 11230


December 20, 1995

Dr. David Roemer
Edward R. Murrow High School
1600 Avenue L
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Dear Dr. Roemer:

A disciplinary conference was held on Wednesday, December 20, 1995 to discuss your refusal to participate in post-observation conferences called by your supervisors, Mr. Ira Cohen and Dr. Saul Bruckner, the Assistant Principal and Principal, respectively. Participants in the disciplinary conference were:

Frank Volpicella ,U.F.T. District Representative
David Roemer, Teacher, Edward R. Murrow H.S.
Saul Bruckner, Principal, Edward R. Murrow H.S.

Dr. Bruckner stated that, on at least two occasions, he asked you to attend a post-observation conference. Mr. Cohen asked you, also, to attend two conferences. The purposes of these conferences was to discuss your supervisors' evaluations of your lessons and to make suggestions for improving teaching and learning in your classroom. You refused to attend these conferences and so stated in writing.

You stated that the reason you refused to participate in post-observation conferences was because Dr. Bruckner did not respond to a letter you had written him. On September 14, 1995, Dr. Bruckner had written to inform you of the criteria he would use to rate your teaching performance for 1995-96. In response, you wrote "a pedaqogical analysis" (your words) to Dr. Bruckner and asked him to clarify these criteria. Dr. Bruckner had asked you to have written lessons, conform to state mandates and Regents syllabi, use instructional strategies other than the daily worksheets, and have more active student participation. Dr. Bruckner felt the criteria needed no further clarification in view of the fact that these issues were subjects of several conferences and discussions among you and your supervisors and, consequently, had been answered many times.

When I asked you at the disciplinary conference to participate in post-observation conferences, you declined stating that you would do so only on condition that you receive a written response from Dr. Bruckner to the letter you sent him.

Therefore, since you have not accepted or implemented suggestions from your principal and assistant principals to improve your teaching performance and have refused to participate in conferences with your supervisors, I conclude that you have been insubordinate and unprofessional.

I will recommend that steps be taken to prefer charges against you.

Very truly yours,

Joyce R. Coppin
Brooklyn High Schools

JRC :hl
c: Dr. Saul Bruckner, Principal

I have received a copy of this letter and know it is being placed in my file.