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United Federation of Teachers
Local 2, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO
280 Park Ave. South
New York, New York 10010

February 16, 1996

Mr. David Roemer
345 Webster Avenue, #40
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Dear Mr. Roemer:

On January 16, 1996 you met with the Grievance Committee of the AdCom in order to appeal the decision by the Union not to pursue your grievance (Case #13511) to Step Three (3) of the grievance procedure.

As a result of your Ad Com appeal, the UFT commenced an investigation in order to determine the validity of your claim that you are being discriminated against because of your membership, participation and association with the United Federation of Teachers.

After a very careful review of the facts that you presented at your AdCom appeal and the results of our investigation which included a review of your case documents and discussions with staff at the Brooklyn UFT Office and Grievance Department of the Union, the Grievance Committee of the AdCom has decided to remand this grievance (Case #13511) back to Professional Conciliation since this would be the best forum to obtain a resolution. You were advised of this decision at your AdCom appeal.

Thank you for undertaking this most important matter.


George Fesko

Assistant to the President


Robert Astrowsky
Howard Bloch
Tom Pappas
Gary Rabinowitz
John Soldini
Garry Sprung
Frank Volpicella